Creeping on Wildlife II

In December I posted up trail cameras around the farm in an attempt to capture wildlife activities.

Last weekend, I went out to recover the cameras. The first part of the operation went well. I successfully recovered all of the cameras that I posted. I was worried that I would forget where I put them or that someone would steal them, so that was a good start. As I walked back to the house, my excitement grew. I imagined that each of the little SD memory cards carried a wealth of images that would make David Attenborough jealous.

When I got home, I jammed the first card into the reader on my computer and grew even more excited. There were more than 8,000 pictures on just one memory card. It was then that I realized that I had struck the animal picture jackpot. Here’s a sample of what I saw:

It seems like the camera had been set off approximately 8,000 times in the span of 30 days by an overactive tree branch. (Hard lesson learned: make sure your trail cameras aren’t directly near moving tree branches.)

Luckily, the other two cameras grabbed some pretty cool photos. Here are some of the highlights:

A few wild turkeys wandering the frozen tundra.
A fox running through the pasture.
I find this photo of a coyote sniffing around at night absolutely terrifying.
TI have roughly 20 pictures of this coyote stumbling around in front of the camera, looking confused and hungry. They were captured over a span of about five days in mid-January.

I have no idea why I’m looking up at the sky.

My friend Derek and I just posted the cameras back up in different spots around the farm. I plan to check back in next month and find even more wildlife stalker footage.

2 thoughts on “Creeping on Wildlife II

  1. I can sympathize with the tree branch photos. I did exactly the same thing. 3 cameras set up, 1 with 8 photos, 1 with 27 photos, and the third with 3420 photos…..of several different positions of a wiggly tree branch! I suppose that’s how we learn though. Other than the branch, you’ve got some great photos!

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