A New Barn Option?


As our great debate about what to do with the barn drags on, I think I found a very interesting potential solution last week. In Hebron, Connecticut, less than five miles from the house that I grew up in, is a company that sells old school post and beam barn kits. They cut the materials for the barns at their shop and then ship them to your site for assembly.


I was skeptical about the idea of a prefab barn. When I think of a prefab barn, I immediately think of those ugly-but-exceptionally-functional aluminum structures that seem spring up like weeds. But after seeing the barns in person last weekend, I am now very open to the idea. The buildings are beautiful. The craftsmanship is outstanding. And the price is much more palatable than the cost of rehabbing the current barn.

(Warning: Barn porn ahead.)

The craftsmanship on these barns was awesome. These guys seem to pay a ton of attention to detail. I mean, look at those pegs!
They even have a blacksmith on the premise to make some of the iron work.
The coopolas are pretty dope.




I’m not sure I’m totally sold, but I will admit that this seems like a pretty tempting option. It would give me the structure I need for future agricultural endeavors while maintaining the look and feel of a New England farm.

5 thoughts on “A New Barn Option?

  1. We were the first in Bethel to go “modular” 32 years ago – can’t beat the consistency of the materials or the flexibility in planning the space. GO FOR IT!

  2. maybe they can take your barn parts ‘apart ‘ and retrofit them back together….reverse engineering.
    No wood like old growth wood, some of yours may be from oldest trees in VT. Do you know?

  3. Pre fab has come a long way, my current house is a pre fab from Pennsylvania. I was also hesitant but after talking to people more familiar with it I realized it’s not a big deal and has some benefits over a crappy builder. I would imagine a post and beam barn is even easier to do.

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