Creeping on Wildlife IV


In our last installment of the ongoing Creeping on Wildlife series, I tried to solve the mystery of what animal has been living in the barn. Over the past few months, I trained the trail cameras on the barn to solve the mystery and it turns out that I was asking the wrong question. I should have been asking which animals have been living. Between the different footprints, photos and videos, I’ve counted 11 different species of mammal wandering around the barn.

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A Turkey Spots a Moose

On Saturday, I went turkey hunting on the farm with my friend Pin-Bo. We woke at the crack of dawn and stationed ourselves in a  pre-selected spot, right where the pasture meets the forest. We set up decoy inflatable turkeys to enhance our odds of attracting real turkeys. Pin-Bo created an elaborate scene where the guy turkey was about to hump the lady turkey. Apparently the wild turkeys are into that sort of thing.

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The Big Melt


Mud season. It’s almost become a cliche to talk about Vermont’s fifth season as an annoyance. Once the snow melts and the spring rains start, the ground becomes a mucky and muddy mess. Up at the farm, we are working our way through it. Allison was in Peacham earlier this week and she was able to take some pictures to illustrate how swampy the pasture has been since the snow melted.

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A Trip to Twisted Tree Farm


“Yeah! Fresh larch,” exclaimed the boy.

The little boy grabbed a pinch of needles from an 18-inch tree seedling and stuck them into his mouth. He seemed to be about six years old and looked like he wished that Christmas would come early this year so that he could get his two front teeth.

My pint-sized tour guide continued to rattle off the names of the different trees and plants that we passed as we marched up the steep hill. Small and fragile tree saplings dotted the hillside in rows. Eventually we came to the end of the pasture at the top of the hill.

“This right here is the best place for you to camp,” said the boy. “The stars at night are A-maze-ing!”

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The Bunyip Level

Allison and I have two goals for the farm this year. Goal number one is to fix up the house and make it long-term livable. The second goal is to plant a whole butt-load of trees on the sloping pasture nearest to the house and barn. Last week, I gave a bit of an update on progress with the house renovations. This week, I’m going focus on the trees and my plans for using a bunyip.

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